Friday, September 11, 2009

Walnuts keep Falling on your head

I live in a neighborhood filled with walnut trees. Which as it were are terrible for growing tomatoes - but are entertaining. This time of year the large green orbs start falling - depending on the wind sometimes many at a time and it sounds like a large group of dancers pounding out a rhythm. And of course the cars run over them in the street making large crunching noises and the squirrels sit chewing on the hard husks cracking them open for the golden luxury inside. The trees are usually the last to get leaves in the spring and the first to loose them in the fall and so I find it amazing that they grow so large and produce so much fruit. I wish I could follow their lead and be so efficient with my product.
Alas, I have found little time to create of late - as the blog shows but I am destashing some of my extras this weekend at a garage sale - of course in my mind this is just to make room for more!
Same war different battle - began fighting Lymes again - a lingering gang that has played fast and loose with my life and has prevailed in being elusive from some serious fire power. But - I live to fight another day!
So - a few pics just for musing!The first pic is Bailey Einstein McGee - the smartest and prettiest Chowbrador on the planet - this is her chair. It fits her perfectly and the last is Kashmir Kitty - she is only 6 pounds and can whip anyone in the house but is quite photogenic and likes to sleep on the photo table.

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