Monday, April 25, 2011

Touch of Spring

Spring has sprung - again. Wet and lush, green and full of hope. Nothing is dried out, worn out or bug riddled. The trees are blooming and the grass is growing and . . . I still have nothing in the veggie garden. Possibly the latest ever - and yet, it will come. The usual fretting is just not there. This will either be the best or worst garden. If the best, I hope I can remember to go this way again.
We had wonderful rain today and a lush light fog tonight. Cool in the 50's - nice enough to wear long sleeves and feel the soft moisture on your cheeks. It will be warm soon enough - for now, I am enjoying the lingering refreshing days and nights.
Nothing but work right now - so no new art until later. I have received tons and am sooooo far behind - but never fear - the first break and I will be creating and sending out to all of you!

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