Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hotter than a flitter!

I am not sure, what a flitter really is - but I know having grown up in the south that days like today were always compared to said "flitter". And I know that whatever it is, even the depths of hell, this day is just as hot! I have decided to stop all glances at our backyard weather service and heat index. It is too depressing. So, I am going to decide it is 80. Nothing more - until after August. In my mind, it is 80 every day. I have a fertile imagination and I so hope nothing over 80 filters into the little furrows of my mind! 80 it is!
The sunflowers love our "80" weather! They are about 18' tall! The bees are so happy! Kudos to Ric for taking the pics for me! The last one is solarized!

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