Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tidbits and Twang

Ever wonder why, when we are young we seem to get so much more done? It is as if, as we "mature", the hours and even the minutes grow shorter. Do we move slower? I have no answer. I remember having time to "sit" and read, and watch tv and think. Now, it seems I am forever thinking while I am stirring pet food, taking a shower and running to catch up to something I forgot. I suppose, if anyone had told us this is how "maturity" would be, we would not have raced towards it with such incredible speed. Wanting to grow up is such a ruse. The only thing I can see as a benefit is you do get to pick your own clothes and eat what you like. And, if you live long enough, even that is gone again. The cycle seems a bit lacking.

Creating has been an elongated process these last couple of weeks - Progress here - stumbling there. Always ideas but HOW to make this rusty piece stay attached to that rusty piece - well welding has to be in my future. I read my cards!
I am creating some quickies for Halloween sale - and doing some grungy snowmen for Christmas - I know, breaking with my usual - perhaps it will be good for my soul.
The heat has lifted - we actually have had breathable cool 40's temperatures - I thrive in the cold. Guess I am not a lizard. I know this pic is a bit early but . . . Angus is 20 and in my mind that is how he looks every morning!
Pics this weekend of the new creations -

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