Friday, November 30, 2012

Angus McGee

I lost one of my best friends early this morning. Angus McGee - he was our 20 year old black cat. He had been run over by a bus in his youth and walked away with 3 cracks in his skull, an eye that wouldn't open, damaged larynx and a bad ass attitude. when he could purr again we were thrilled and then he had a little chirp he started making as he healed. Today is the first day in many years that I won't hear him talk to me.
 When the neighbor kids brought him home he was so matted he was pulling the hair out of his side and everyone called him the cat from hell because when you picked him up he would bite you. No one had ever taken him to the vet after the run in with the bus - he just toughed through it. He got in a fight before we got him inside and had to have his ear quilted and he was missing one front canine. And he was the sweetest guy. We moved him in and he never marked, sprayed, clawed - he just was happy. He liked girls best but liked to hang with the guys- drink a beer and elaborate on times from his imagination. He love Halloween and the kids coming to the door. 
We had a scare in February with him but he bounced back and until yesterday was still sauntering up the stairs into bed and into the bathtub - his favorite place to get a drink. But, It was his time - and he went to sleep peacefully. That has not made the day any less sorrow filled. Every pet is like the end of an era - turning another page. It is like reading the greatest book, when you reach the last page - there should always be more.

 The McGee Clan's motto: "Never Give Up"
He defends your assets, protects your castle and slays evil dragons. He has a strong arm, a fierce heart and never backs down.
His tam and plaid are everlasting. His lazer gun will smote you and his shield spins at such speeds to dizzy the enemy while grinding them to fair nothing. His hair and beard be white and his wings are upside down. Angus does not walk a narrow line but strides gallantly into battle making his own path and setting one for all to follow. A face not only a mother could love – he is strength everlasting. He had a t-shirt that said, if you can read this the bitch fell off. But he loved nothing more than putting his head in a woman's chest.
This was a piece of art I made about him. I want to believe that Poppy is showing him around a place where all pets are happy and safe - I want to believe there is a pet heaven. I want to believe that because without that belief losing these guys might be too much to bear. I will never forget you and love you forever!

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