Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This has to be the best July weather on record in the Midwest - last half of July and in the 70's. This could be heaven! Tomatoes are finally arriving, finished canning all the sweet beets and potatoes from the garden last weekend and (drum roll) almost done with the next book.
Hope all of you are having a great summer - with the cool weather and rain it is still so green here I am loving it! and the cool misty days make me feel more "artsy".
We has a wonderful hummingbird on the trumpet vine this morning and he/she actually would get a great drink from a flower and then sit on the fence as if contemplating "so many flowers - so little time".
I feel the same way about all my art ideas - hopefully will get more done this weekend for your viewing (pleasure).
I have not been very good about my book reviews - reading constantly but not getting them reviewed - the new series (new for me) the House of Night written with vampyres and about Tulsa Ok as a home base is really quite good. I believe they are "teen" lit but I have to say they are fun fast reads and their website is kinda fun.
I have finished the first three Twilight series books - I know I guess I am on a teen vamp streak and she is a great writer. You feel like she is sitting there telling you the story over coffee on a misty Washington evening - in October with a full crackling fire burning in the room. I wish there was a little more sex but hey they are good. I believe the House of Night books would lend themselves to a series quite well!
I am also reading The Last Kashmiri Rose - a funny little find by Barbara Cleverly - with a really nice ring to her start on these books. So far it seems a little simple and a bit of a book from a simpler time but I am still progressing.
LA Banks Crimson Moon Series - Undead on Arrival is about half done and like the others in this series it has a pretty good pace. I would suggest reading them in order or you can get behind.
Well, that's all thats fit to print from KC - take care and have a great week.

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bloubell said...

I want to thank you for the comments about my blog. Now , I think your books are just beautiful. I haven't done a book for a long time but this is truly inspiration. Keep up the good work. Hugs Betty

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