Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Cheer!

Ok, so we survived another Christmas. Perhaps it was our destiny to do so.I am Filled with excellent food and surrounded by those I love (I suppose for some that is not the case) and enjoying the often missed small snowflake drifting toward the warm ground and extinction. Portia outdid herself this year with a perfectly baked ham, horseradish glaze,  nana's candied yams, cranberry sauce, fresh green beans, biscuits with honey and pecan pie.
I always have a bit of nostalgia that hits - wish I had been more in the moment when I was much younger and some who have now passed beyond my gaze were around to hug and enjoy. And I always miss all the pets who have visited my life - and I circle back to embracing this holiday so that I do not have the same regrets about this one that I do of those spent long ago. 
It is just one day a year. And like many others, amidst all my cynicism and doubts, I do wish that Santa Clause was real, the silly holiday movies were possible and that snow men talked and Rudolph was just a blink away. So, on one of the few times a year that you catch me less stoic, less serious, less hardened to the real world consider yourself hugged and remember to enjoy the moment. It lasts for such a small inkling of time and if we blink - we will have missed it.
And in the 2011 plan - I have started to make some new pieces of art. PCs and flat art peaked my interest last night so it must be the immediate outlet. I will post some pics this week to get your feedback!

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