Friday, November 25, 2011

Guess You Had to Be There

Well, the turkey and dressing are behind us, pumpkin pie is slowly being whittled away and the parade balloons have been deflated until next year. Black Friday descended with the usual bad behavior by those who probably consider themselves "good peoples". Yes, it is the holidays in America. 
We feasted on traditional fare and enjoyed quite an ongoing production by the squirrels and birds feeding on their feast in the backyard. Some of our squirrels are really too fat but . . . life is short - play hard.
It has taken us almost 3 months to come to grips with our loss of Remy - we actually have days when we can joke about her antics now. And Bailey is quite the hit at Lowes and Home Depot. She makes people swoon to touch her and she seems to finally be enjoying it back! Portia is really into snuggling on the chilly nights and Kashmir is the fearless huntress early every morning even in the cold and wet. Angus, well he sits back with a cold one and tells stories of days gone by.
And, that is what life is about. These silly moments that mean absolutely nothing in the big picture, count for no magnificent discoveries or cures for diseases, cannot even be retold with anything that makes them interesting to anyone who wasn't there to experience it. Guess you had to be there moments. The ones that get your through tough times, the ones that make you smile or cry 20 years after they have dissolved into time. These moments are what our holiday has been made of. And I wouldn't trade it for anything.
We humans, are always running around saying what we "must" do. What we "have to" do. I am afraid we are missing the joy of our own realities. When you must have entertainment to be entertained - you have missed a step. Life should not always be about how much we do, how much we have, how much we want. Some days, it is about being alive. I read a quote - "if you can't be thankful for what you have be thankful for what you survived". 
Many times I have forgotten how much I have - how much I love - how much I am loved and how lucky I have been. Many times I have missed the joy of my own reality. But, before the darkness of my last day swallows me, I am trying to embrace being alive. I have never heard of anyone luckier then me. Some with more, some with less but I would not trade my life for any other.
Thank you for being my readers, friends, strangers,  and passing life forms. I wish you days of being alive and knowing it!

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hergula said...

Every time you say-very elegantly-what I can only feel, but never express. Thank you.

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