Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snowless January

I awoke today and thought perhaps I had passed into another dimension. One where I was to be starved from snow. I blinked. Nothing happened. Warm, sunny, and blah - this seems a lot like March instead of beautiful January. We have had nothing this winter. Just boring plain, beige weather. If we do not get a change by January 15 I will have to do a snow dance. Really, I will. It cannot be helped. While this weather may be great for business - it is horrid for my psyche. White, snow - mounded up and falling, falling, falling. Until we have 3 feet would be a nice start. And fog! Snow fog - lots of it. Pea soup outside and in! Ah well, obviously I am not in charge of the universe nor is anyone listening to me. So, those of us who are easily bored must suffer some more. Those who love the beige boring world, alas, are probably still not happy!
Bailey likes the electric fireplace and makes it look so cozy!

We attended Sherlock Holmes 2 movie Friday - wonderful Steampunk bits and I will search for some of the eye glasses in the movie! And of course - the gypsy garb made my heart thud. Such a sardonic and quaint time compared to today. So many details that actually meant something. The beauty and the brine. I highly suggest seeing it and if by chance you have actually read SH the plot does not so much thicken as it flows. Hope these movies continue. I am awaiting One for the Money by Evonovich which arrives on my birthday.
 We  had an eagle swoop down and take a squirrel up into the wild blue - Kashmir has now been restricted from back yard wandering on her leash - but she has assured me that she is a Camo kitty and it is the eagle who should be afraid!

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