Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Studio

It was a hard made choice to do away with our guest bedroom and turn it into my studio. But, as of last night I have unpacked, cleaned out and cleaned up and voila - art has begun again!
My new desk and wonderful retro chair, Craftsman toolbox and my junque! If you are looking for a desk/work station I highly recommend these. We bought them at Sams and they are really well made and the maple butcher block is very nicely finished. It comes with the steel pegboard back and an overhead light and electrical plugs.
I still have my "papier goods" to bring over and sort through - but as I unpacked I really did clean out - amazing what all I had/have! The oval print is exactly like one my "nana" had when I was little - she always thought I looked like the girl in the picture. I don't see it, but when I found this one, I knew I wanted it up in this room - it makes me think of her each time I look at it.
Matching roll-a-round. Next will be a shelf to house all the paper goodies in notebooks and I think it will be pretty complete - well until I find more stuff! Actually, each drawer is organized and all my OCD tendencies for order have been ordained - for a bit! Just be happy I didn't show you all the drawers lined up with size/color! The cats still have a nice warm sunny cedar chest to lounge on and a plush dog bed will go on this side of the roll around. Planning a small TV for my "habit" of weird shows I DVR and already have my headphones for the no disturb.
So, now I guess I have no excuse but to get going! Who knew I could fill it up so fast?
"I never learned from a man who agreed with me." Robert Heinlein

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PamelaArtsinSF said...

Your studio looks fantastic -- now send me some mail art! xo

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