Saturday, March 3, 2012


This month is Clyde's month. Because, I guess I have been thinking about my grandfather,  (Poppy to me) a lot lately. I was supposed to be born on his birthday. I came early. You know me, always rushing. He would be 103. That is so hard for me to believe. I hope he is happy in Wherever the hereafter is located. His love of pets and animals certainly was an influence on me growing up. I wish he could have seen the internet in all it's glory - he would have loved it! He would have been addicted! He was a very early Ham radio operator W4SRZ - double U 4 S R Zed.
He always wanted to get a motor home or trailer and just sell everything and drive with a pet or two and travel the continent. Seeing what there was to see, enjoying sights, sounds, tastes and he loved smells too.  I think I get a bit of my gypsy spirit from him - we were close in a lot of ways. 
So, this warrior is my memories of him - voice a bit scratchy from talking - got that from him too! For me, he always had a smile and always made me feel it would work out fine. He was feisty. I remember so many evenings after dinner when he would get out the projector and place it at the top of the stairs and we would set up the screen on the far wall and look at slides until he thought I couldn't possibly be interested any more. He took a million pictures in his life. He Never met a stranger - but had strange friends. He loved plants and Southern Comfort and me. And I so wish I could have another day, week, month - well you get the picture - to spend with him. Never enough of the good ones are there?
If you can hear me Poppy - this is for you!
To my lurkers out there - sign up - no one will know - you message me and tell me when I see you - but it would be nice to know you exist in this realm!

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