Thursday, April 19, 2012

Resting Bats and Puppy Dog Tails

Okay, we had one of our first "uninvited" guests this week at the loft - Bartholomew Bat. He was rather quiet, had a bit of cobwebs on his chin but all in all, he was a great addition for the day. He found his way over to roost for the day on one of the shelves and did not wake through country grunge music, Bailey barking, or our talking - he just slept on getting his full 12 hours of beauty sleep! He quietly disappeared just after dark - into the inky night. I suppose, if I wanted him to book a permanent room I should offer hors d'oeuvres of mealy worms and perhaps muscae dipped in the dust off moth's wings. After all, Portia is willing to come up with delectable sauces for any species - as long as she can be a saucier.  He probably has to go all the way to Union Station to get the gourmet fare he prefers. 
 Bailey could not have cared less that he was there. Like most things, she took it in stride - we have been so lucky to have such wonderful pets - they are like winning the lottery daily. She loves the loft and if you go down leaving her on the floor, stands at the elevator and listens for your voice. When you are back up to 2 she starts a little high pitched song to let you know you are close and she is there for you.  Here she is after a long day directing the work at the loft.

We attended the KCPT cocktail party last night for this Saturday's appraisal fair and had a lovely dinner at Lydia's - one of the few weather pleasant evenings here in KC. 

We have been gone a bit lately and Angus was sure he needed immediate attention - how can you say no to a face such as his?

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