Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3on12 Group and New Digs

So, I have been absent for a while. It is with good reason. We have been moving all of our storage into one new location and in addition getting Ric's Photography studio set up there as well. We have 8000 square feet of space and are finding uses for all of it! Here are some of the "pre" or before pics - will keep you updated as we go.
It is in the West Bottoms and as you can see is the old Holsom Foods Building. We are the 3rd Floor (Pickles and Extracts) as they listed many of their items on the side of the building. We are at the corner of 12th and Santa Fe - just a smidge (across the street) from the 12th Street Bridge. We have a beautiful view of downtown KC from the west - and when the full moon rises it will take your breath.
Bailey - true to her genius Einstein nature - rides the elevator like she has done it everyday. She has met everyone in the building and everyone seems to like her.
We still have painting and bit more organization and all the fun stuff left but wanted to let you see it in the preliminary stages!

And this is the beginning set up of the photography area - we have tons of props - they seemed to multiply when they are all in one place!
Hope to be ready to start very soon! The West Bottoms is a thriving community and you know how we love "old" stuff so we feel right at home. We are right across from the train tracks and love the sounds of them going by. There is a symphony - you would just have to be there to experience it - when a long train puts on it's brakes to stop. Each car's brakes make a little different sound and it combines into a melodius concerto - at least to my ears.
The area is one of the safest in Kansas City and after 5pm when the residents come home the kids play outside and it feels almost ethereal like you have stepped back in time to the 1940's. And, if you have not enjoyed the First Friday and Weekend with all the wonderful shops - you have not enjoyed Kansas City.
More updates as they come!

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PamelaArtsinSF said...

That looks amazing -- how wonderful. Wish i could come and visit and hear the music! You guys will be very happy there I can tell. Jealous.

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