Tuesday, July 24, 2012

He who dies with the most trivia - wins!

I have gathered trivia since I was a child. It just seems natural to do so. Bits and pieces. I just realized that my art has been building in me since I started picking up rocks, stones, shells, pieces of metal and wood and bringing them home. They were usually assembled for Barbie or my friend Pekoe (who happened to be a pekingnese). That is when I started my congeries. I also realize, now, that my grandfather (Poppy) did this too. His ham radio room had shelves to the ceiling filled with things he just liked "because". I spent more hours than I can count sitting by him asking about everything on every shelf. It was also where I took a lot of naps and I would make up stories about all the little bits and pieces there - staring down at me.
I have been working on a piece of art that will not come together. No glue will suspend these two pieces. Perhaps, they are not meant to remain friends. Perhaps, I have not found the right substance. Most of the time, the parts of my bricolage just fit. It seems obvious to me how to attach them. How to make them one. For it to not be so . . . well it made me think.
Just because it is trivia, does not make it interesting. Just because it is interesting, does not mean it will work for a piece of art. We put things together in life. Ourselves, our clothes, our houses, we try to put our mates and our friends together. And, we are always either amazed or chagrined when those two don't blend. If we like both of them, and they both like us, how can this be? 
My art is like that. I just never realized it until tonight. I see the congruence of pieces but it is not always apparent to others. And tonight, for the first time, two pieces I think are giving me less than subtle hints that they are not meant to spend eternity stuck together.

It came to me that every time I lose a pet - they take a piece of my heart with them
every new pet that comes into my life, gifts me with a piece of theirs heart.
If I live long enough
all the components of my heart
will be cat and dog
and I will become as generous and loving as they are. 

Not sure who wrote this but I loved the sentiment!
So, back to glue! And bits and pieces and all those small things that make life cluttered and full and colorful and for me - meaningful!

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Corgi Feet said...

Hi A59! Love that pet quote.

Happy Birthday!!!

(from Angie)

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