Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lives to go before I sleep

This is my 100th Post to this blog. Amazing to me. What started out as a way to share my art has become a way to share much more. This last week, Portia, used up a couple of her lives. This year I have had a bit too much of this. Angus, in February and not Portia. She is now on insulin and we didn't think she would be here - but, she is.
After watching her constantly since last Wednesday, we are all worn out. Thrilled we have more days together and here she is purring for Ric for the first time in days. She is a couple of pounds lighter and has directed me in making home made cat and dog food.
Angus, is sure her being quiet was a gift! Ha - he can't hear her anyway. But everyone paced and worried about her. It is times like this that make all the "big" stuff in life seem quite unimportant. And, it gives us such focus. Everything blurs and fades except that which seems to be a part of your soul being ripped out.
Can you see how sleepy everyone is?
Bailey still perks up her ears if we say "Remy". We still refer in conversation to the big dog. She still looks for her if you say her name.
Believe it or not - this is a Cicada killer. Ric took this outside the sunporch windows. These things are nasty looking beasts and they are hovering where Kashmir likes to stay outside. But, they are quite interesting. 
As always, my "pack" is the most important part of my life. Everyday I have with any or all of them is another good day in my life.  So, it is off to bed, and hopefully in the morning I will kiss four little cold noses and get more cat and dog hair one me. The perfect life!

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