Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It must be Christmas

Finally put up the tree tonight. Late. In fact in 34 years never been this late. Actually mailed a few cards today. Late. Ditto - never been this late. Perhaps that is my theme this year. One cat is already sleeping underneath on the blanket so all is good in the house.
We went for old fashioned this year. The tree is short, fat and fluffy, a little crooked and I have not found our top piece - yet! Glass beads ring it in multi colors and I think I used every color light we have. Including shotgun shells, coleman lanterns, pinecones and just tacky multicolored lights. I was going for the big nothing matches so it must be ours look.
As the year winds down, we have lost quite a few souls - and even long saved plants. I presume it is a year of cleansing. I never know if that is how you make up excuses for the emotions you feel or if those Greek gods are just playing with this mortal again.
I do know, that living in a country that is a house divided against its self is making friction become too apparent. This season feels so stressed. People are so unhappy. There is almost a manic laughter coming from the corners - fear overrun with pain and desperation and very little hope.
For us, I feel that it has been 9.5 years since we walked under the wrong tree and the tiny little deer tick vamped us. No r&r here. PTSD and a little bitterness are in the room. But, no one ever told me life would be easy. So, I should not be disappointed.
I have 2 signs in my studio - one says "don't let the bastards wear you down" in latin and the other "this is not the life I ordered". But, you know, I really didn't order a life. I let it happen and maybe that is better. Not more stable, not more successful but better. Because the one thing I have learned is that control is a very relative term.
Hope your shopping is successful and will post our crooked fat tree pic tomorrow!

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