Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas in the City

When Christmas arrives I always consider the year over. Not just in days but in feelings. The whole year for me used to be a build up to Halloween and then it swept by through Christmas and then it was a let down until sometime in September.
This has been a strange year. Habits changed, long saved plants met their demise, friends died and the world while it kept turning and didn't end just the other day - seems different. Stoic, acidic, not as much fun. I have never had the ability to hide my head in the sand. Would that I could. But I see a different future than any I ever envisioned. Not a better one - not one anyone would plan.
The level of "faux" happiness is even a bit contrite this year. The hugs a little lighter, the lines drawn a little deeper. New beginnings filled with less expectation. Youth a little less youthful.
Our pack is one smaller with the loss of Angus McGee. He rests among the many  and the loss still raw to our hearts.

Portia has rallied at this point and I count each day of her demanding to be fed and assist me in my well intentioned plans in the kitchen as a lucky day.

 Kashmir, sleeps a bit more but can still clear 6' without effort. 

Bailey,  the grey of her maturity grows but "go for a ride" still brings her trotting.
Not a bad year just not one I would call normal. No garden or plants, old plants died, traditions were lost and new ones not formed. Some lymes beasties were slain some new ones took up residence. I am beginning to feel that I am a "flea bag" motel for the varmints. Not a year to remember - not a year to forget.
I hope your holidays are comfortable. That you have peace. That you have enjoyment. That you have those you love and love you with you. That you eat too much, drink just enough and feel the warmth of what the season can be - a time of contentment a break from the everyday.
Thank you for being my friend those who are reading this. For accepting my eccentricities and my love. It is a package deal as you know. If we get old together perhaps we will find something to remember this year by. If not, we will never know the loss!
Merry Christmas to all, hugs the fuzzies and each other. 

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