Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And another one bites the dust

As years go, 2012 will not go down as my finest year. Not my worst - but memorable only for its losses not really its gains. I realized today that Ric and I don't have very many traditions that can be pinned on a calender that we live by yearly. We improvise in our lives. Whatever sounds good - we do. I believe we may be bohemians at heart. Bohemian gypsies - I think that will be our new self proclaimed title. Non - work related anyway. Since we are Urban Archeologists at work we might as well be Bohemian Gypsies at life.
Kashmir our Lutheran Farm cat - who never touches whiskey did sit under a lamp shade with a tassle tonight - I am going to take that as a good omen. Perhaps this next year will be "funner".
I could do "funner". Have 2 new pieces of art to put up over the next few days - have not got their full history yet - they talk to me in my sleep and when I awake - voila - the story is written.
Portia - waiting without any patience ( a Princess should not have to wait) for the water to be turned on in the shower. I did not think she would be here through 2012. I value each precious day!
Bailey - the West Bottoms Beauty enjoying a little snow. Cannot believe she is 11. Ah how life flies when you are busy making plans.
I bid 2012 adieu - with no remorse of it's leaving. it was neither my best or worst year. It cost me deeply with the loss of loves, it granted me wins in battles I didn't know I would fight. It introduced me to people I am glad I did not miss. And it stole bits of the past and the future that cannot be regained. It was the 9th year to fight our battle with the wee beasties - we took hills, we gave them back - fighting over the same land each side leaves scars until eventually no one wants the hill. Thank you to my friends, my aquaintances, and my comrades in arms. For the friendship, for the madness, for the dissertations, for the questions answered and not. I never make resolutions on an odd day in January. Always seemed preposterous to set it by a calender. But, I do believe that intent to succeed is better than no plan at all.
May 2013 bring you happiness and peace. Success and strength. And the ability to adapt, improvise, overcome or walk it off. 

The success or failure of a life, as far as posterity goes, seems to lie in the more or less luck of seizing the right moment of escape.
Alice James

In Memory of Angus McGee - see you on the other side - kick ass and kiss the girls til I see you again.

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