Friday, January 31, 2014

Close Your Eyes Hold Your Breath & Always Trust Your Cape

This post has been a long time coming. No one's fault. Some things just take time to develop. The heat of July burned away a member of our clan and the cool October breezes brought us another - Kato. Portia would have liked him. He is a bit of a comedian. This was his first night at home - he is now up to 10.5 pounds and Kashmir actually plays with him. Hell has frozen over and a pig has jumped over the moon! He will be a year old on April fools day - don't even begin to ask Kashmir what that means!

 I started upcycling boxes and frames. I love the feel of the old - smoothing the edges and imagining what all the box has held over the years. Giving them a new life.
This was my first one -

Sticking with the shell theme - I have gone through all the softer colors - something very different for me! But trying to construe depth with the pastels has been a fun challenge. I still yearn for the jewel tones but I am learning to identify with the shabby chic lovers colors too!

Never to be left out - pinky with shells and

This is made from an old glove box - pieces and parts - wood burning at it's best in the early teens.

Still pastel but a little more masculine this also has an interior fish hook motif.

And then - my darkness descends. I have a desire to make birds and bugs - this was an initial bug box.

 George "Johnnie" Finnigan. 
although he is from Wales - that was a long, long, time ago. His magic is seeing what is beyond the obvious - into the dark. Into the true meaning of people's lives. he is a guide. Leading you down the right path and clearing the clouds that block your view.
When you need him most - break open your soul and he will steer you in the right direction.
My candle burns at both ends. 
it will not last the night
But ah, my foes and oh my friends, 
It gives a lovely light. 

Sorry for the hiatus - losing Portia was a tear in my soul that took some time to heal enough to create again.  That which doesn't kill us - makes us wander into spaces of time and thought that are sometimes good and sometimes only serve to rub salt in the wound that is our heart. 
Look for more creations very soon!

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