Saturday, March 19, 2011

March Mage

Did absence make the heart grow fonder? Or perhaps absinthe is just the cure. Not sure if I have been busy or scattered. Either way, warm weather cometh. And as such, the blind hope predicated on the sun shining that makes many believe - all is well in the world. Mother Nature does so love to play with you.

The Mage of March - creeps slowly up from the earth and pushes everything in it's path - you either grow or die. But then, isn't that true of most things in life? The grass is a bit greener, tulips are reaching for the sky, a few crocus have bloomed and the birds are noisy and active. We always have rabbits, living under our garden shed and their birth means that the dogs will be on high alert.
Met a great group of artists last week at the Independence Art Association meeting where they let me share my quirky art with them. If you are in the area and an artist, it would be a very nice group to belong to. Kudos to them!

Mail art has been my staple these last couple of months, larger items in the works but slowly evolving.
Hope all is well with you and yours! If summer could stay 75 or below I would find it to be grand. I could even live without the hot weather crops. Ah, well, perhaps I should just keep moving further north.

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spopod said...

Kathleen, Thank you for the packet of vintage goodies, loved them! I collect vintage post cards with roses on them so I was delighted with what you sent! I could not find you as a member in IUOMA for some reason so thanking you here. Thanks again, Laura

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