Saturday, May 5, 2012

League of 3 on 12th

Ok, today might be the first day in many that we have not painted - something! Paints are put away, most tools are resting, and the largest amount of the clutter has been organized into oblivion! Still a few drapes to hang and there will always be small things to do but - All in all, we like the results. You saw the before/pre shots here is where we are now!
This is the main studio area
Our "front" door and the secondary shooting area.
This is the view when you walk in the "front" door
Prop tent and changing area as well as makeup and hair
Secondary prop and heavy prop area
This is the "living room" area - or waiting area
Office area - yet to be filled!
Living room leading to elevators and conference room area with Bailey guarding!
Conference room area - drapes still to be hung
South end of conference area
Conference area and some of the props
Elevator doors and door to kitchen area

We are the "League of 3 on 12th" which includes Amazon59, Chimera Mind Photographic Studio and Urban Relics - relic hunters.
This was first Friday so all the shops were open and things were busy! Saw some great things today! Ah what I could do with lottery winnings!  Thanks for all of your comments - appreciate your excitement - we can't wait to get started on the new adventure!

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Amy Abshier-Reyes said...

The space looks incredible! I can't wait to see it in person. It looks so warm and comfortable--I love it.

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