Sunday, October 7, 2012

Put a little fortune in your soul

This weekend (First Friday weekend) I had the fun of reading Tarot cards and telling fortunes at Liberty Belle in the West Bottoms. This was day 1 costume before heading down. It was a blast and the weather had cooled down enough that it was enjoyable all the way around!
Damien Blake was there "hawking" the hoards and I think we made a lovely pair!
That was yesterday - today Murphy (Linda - owner of Liberty Belle's daughter) became my apprentice - don't be jealous - but my apprintice had an apprintice too! And she did a smashing job of reading the cards!

Lots of fun had by all! And as we added a bit of steampunk today - it was divine!
Me, Murphy and Joshua - a dashing trio if you ever saw one. You should have seen the looks we got coming down the street! We walked the 2 blocks because Murphy wanted to make an "entrance".

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