Thursday, May 30, 2013

Been A While

The Roasterie Coffee Company here in KC placed this last year - just got around to playing with it!

Ok rain is here - love it. Getting warmer but not miserable yet!  

All the fuzzies are good - art has been slow to produce but recently some new thoughts have been forming! 

Hope all is well in your world!
Time for a new garden journal - thinking about just herbs this time and more home remedies! 
The world around us seems to be in constant turmoil - never time to stare at the clouds, read a book, ponder or cook. I sit here now with 2 cats sleeping lightly and peeking out with one eye to see why the keys slow a bit now and again. Bailey valiantly guards the hall from would be intruders or thunder - which ever comes first. How can I not think my life is great?
The desire to roam and wander has my mind pacing. Around the next bend is so tempting. where I have already been so boring - a bad habit of the wanderer
Rolling thunder and far off train whistles call to me. Somewhere in my past is a knotty stick thrown over my shoulder with a ragged bandana and a faraway look down a long track into the unknown.
There is always tomorrow - until there isn't.
Off to imagine something that includes the non-existent!

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