Sunday, March 4, 2012

Postcard Dreams

A few recent postcards I finished. I would so like to talk to the man in this photo. He has an aire about him. What was he musing about?  They seem at utter peace - a Holiday - with no tribulations, no schedule - no stress of airports. They probably drove or took the train. There might be chowder for dinner with coarse white bread and hot tea - a fire, maybe a radio show later before crawling between heavy crisp sheets. With the sound of the ocean and the salt tang to lull you off to sleep. Can life be any better than this? It was taken somewhere on the coast of Oregon in 1930s.
More postcard fun. With a Kansas City flair. She looks so happy to be there - wherever there may be. One of those cheery souls who grabbed life when she could. Made the most of it. Always flitting about doing for others. She was thin, agile, taller than others, always a bit self conscious of her height. Her hair was a bit unruly and she never seemed to be in fashion. She loved Spring and found serene pleasure in planting her garden and watching it grow. No one knew she had a secret love of licorice.
Princess - let them eat cake - just a cute baby all dolled up. She was a miracle baby before that had a meaning. Her mother never expected her - what a treasure. She was spoiled. Too much some said. But she was a beauty. When she was 12 she wished on a rainbow and when she was 20 her wish came true. She went on to a long happy life. She was what fairytales are made of.

These are the stories I make up when I see the photos and choose them for my artwork.  The photos almost always make me wonder about the life that was lived. I have accepted the fact that the people in my art are gone - just memories - in some ways the stories I make up may be better or less than who they were. But for a moment, they are immortalized on my pages. 

 A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. Oscar Wilde

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